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The “STREET TO FORBES CAMPUS TOUR” is an inspirational and educational tour to inspire young Africans to emerge even in the present-day limitation. With a target to reach 200,000 students across Africa, this conference will revive hope, reveal insightful secrets for personal transformation and lastly, restore values and ignite vision in the hearts and minds of the next generation, so they can emerge as icons of success no matter the obstacles or challenges they encounter.

The ‘Street to Forbes Campus Tour’ is scheduled to hold across the following universities from April 2024;

  • Bells University
  • University of Ilorin
  • Caleb University
  • Covenant University
  • University of Lagos
  • Bowen University
  • University of Abuja
  • Babcock University
  • Pan Atlantic University
  • West African universities e.g. Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda.

The Campus tour is themed after his new book that reveals the detailed and very inspiring story of how Dr. Akin Akinpelu went from being a hawker on the streets of Lagos to becoming a Transformational leader across the globe recognized by Forbes Coaches Council.

With this intent, we envision starting a Model United Nations Club in host institutions to further inspire the goal of the campus tour as well as grant the students the opportunity to learn about the United Nations, other countries’ domestic and foreign policies, and involve in simulations and engaging activities around diplomacy, compromise, and conflict resolutions that will instil responsibility in the minds of the participants.  Students who participate in the tour will have access to join the club, we also offer to award certificates to participants under the Model United Nations Club authorization.

To achieve a sustainable impact, we are confident that having other school-friendly organizations coming on board to support the project will further empower the students and improve the vision.


  • Brand Visibility: Collaborating with us will give you greater visibility among the age bracket referred to as the Gen Zs because Dr. Akin is very popular among these set of young Nigerians.
  • Brand Acceptability: We strongly believe brands that partner with us on this tour will experience a greater amount of follower-ship based on the credibility of our brand and the growing influence Dr. Akin Akinpelu has among young people.
  • Direct Marketing: Another benefit of partnering with us is the advantage of direct marketing to over 50,000 young people who have growing purchasing power.
  • Tax Rebate Clause: We will give each corporate organization a certificate of participation which can be used to apply for tax reduction for your participation in this nation building project which can activate your CSR responsibilities and benefits.


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