Growing tension for parents as Private Schools may soon close up…

Akin Akinpelu (CEO of Erudio Hub) moderated a round table between the Private Schools Administrators and Lagos State Parastatals (Chairmen of LGEAs, LASPARK, LAWMA, Drivers Institute, CUPSAIL, etc) as organized by the Ministry of Education.

The Issue:

The State does not have the capaciity and infrastructure to provide education for 20 million people.This means the Private Schools are covering a huge gap.

They go through multiple levies and taxes (about twenty-eight in all) such as Local Council dues, development levies, business environment levies, sanitation dues, radio and television charges etc. Despite all these challenges facing private schools in Lagos, they provide huge employment opportunities and they should be supported to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the state.
The tension recipients are the parents and the quality of Education provided.

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