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Goal Your Life II

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Understanding how to outline your goals, articulate them and even execute them is just part of the process because if you don’t have a well-balanced goal even the listed skills in yesterday’s devo won’t assure you of success.

So what makes a goal balanced you might ask? Follow the tips below. 

Family and Home: this can’t be emphasized enough, never put your work above your family and home because when work, the hustle and bustle ends family never does. This is supposed to be your place of rest so take care it.

Financial and Career: A lot of times when setting a new goal we’re tempted to take risks, always ensure to evaluate the risks involved and get professional advice in whatever sector you hope to make a difference in.

Spiritual and Ethical: if your goals go against your moral codes then that’s a red flag and you most likely would come of out of it questioning your conscience no matter how much money you make from it. 

Physical and Health: health is wealth; you really shouldn’t put your physical wellness at risk for any goal or job because dead men tell no tales so also when your health is in bad condition you can’t get anything done.

Social and Cultural: your social and culture is a big part of who you are and if your goals go against the norms in a negative way or affects how you relate in society then you need to re-evaluate that goal.

Mental and Educational: Goals should improve you not demote you, any vision that doesn’t help you grow in knowledge and skills isn’t worth venturing into.

So you can now ask yourself “are my current goals balanced?”

 Well you have this simplified chart to help you navigate through that.

Have a great edge today.

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