Temiloluwa Adelaja

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Just Evolve

The phone is a fantastic device made for the good of man. Even though the great scientist, Alexander Graham Bell, intended that the device be used to transmit voice messages, it is today being used for much more than that. The features of the telephone now includes the following and more: message waiting, voice mail, …

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Stay Dogged

One thing you’ve got to understand is that in life, you will have more than enough reasons not to take action in the right direction but you must remind yourself that there will be effects for that cause.  There will always be a corresponding effect for your action and or inaction. Life will seem unfair …

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If you ever thought that whenever you get something in particular, you would have achieved success, I hope you now think differently? If each time you meet a new target you spend years excited about that achievement, you’ll soon realize that that excitement is short lived. Other times you’ll notice that people who keep pushing …

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Life count

“He who manages his time manages his life…” Time is life in essence and what you do with it and how it’s managed determines your success rate at any given task, so here are a few golden tips on maximizing time. 1.   Prioritize: A priority chart will help you filter through your tasks in …

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