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Just Evolve

The phone is a fantastic device made for the good of man. Even though the great scientist, Alexander Graham Bell, intended that the device be used to transmit voice messages, it is today being used for much more than that.

The features of the telephone now includes the following and more: message waiting, voice mail, speed dial, call waiting, call hold, call forwarding/divert, speaker phone, conference call, call barring, interrupt, hands free, browsing etcetera.

Despite the numerous features possessed by the sophisticated phones that we now wear, when a call is coming in: incoming call, the phone naturally just does the one thing it is made and designed for, ‘ring’.

All men have been transformed and like the phone, now have many features. Yet, we have only one duty! Do not be busy doing things that don’t matter as much as the core reason you were created and placed in this world for. “Let him that hath an ear hear…” Find purpose and stay at cause.

Have a great Edge.

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