If you ever thought that whenever you get something in particular, you would have achieved success, I hope you now think differently?

If each time you meet a new target you spend years excited about that achievement, you’ll soon realize that that excitement is short lived.

Other times you’ll notice that people who keep pushing themselves will keep staying relevant while you become more and more redundant, stale and obsolete. 

You see, continuous improvement and your ability to keep reinventing yourself are qualities you won’t be asked about often. 

Most times, we are asked what we would like to become in life but never what next after that. So, we spend so many years and idle time at that stage of our journey and forget it is just a bus stop. 

Success isn’t a destination, it is several destinations. The moment you reach one you’ll begin to get the prompt to get to the next and then another next.

Keep setting new goals. Have a great Edge today

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