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Don’t Just Pour

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No amount of money is too much for a wasteful person to squander.

I have seen that not all men can handle the resources and responsibilities placed on them. For such men, their responsibility becomes a curse and life is interpreted to be miserable.

Some of these men were not taught how to handle responsibilities, so they blame the rain and every other thing but themselves for failing. 

The most alarming of these men are those ignorant of the state of affairs; not aware they are failing or have failed. Yet, they pride themselves of how well they feel they’re doing. 

If you choose to invest in such an individual, be sure you’re doing so at your detriment because your strategy in investing shouldn’t be in a person’s ability to present an idea but in the person’s habit. The way he does one thing is most likely the way he does everything else. 

Have a great edge today.

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