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The ABC of success

connect, connection, cooperation

The successful people are people who have trained their minds towards seeing challenges and searching within for solutions and this can’t be seen by the common eye. The common eye is looking for material things and who can constantly assist them in one way or the other and this most likely buds from a place of entitlement. 

Seeking employment? Then roll up your sleeves , identify a problem and begin to research on how you can solve it. That’s how almost every great name you know started from.

How to identify problems: simply look around you for the issues arising and apply basic logic to rectifying it. That’s a good start point towards building a lasting solution.

How to develop the trait of solving challenges: start small; solve the simple non complex issues in your immediate environment.

Room dirty? Sweep it.

Door knob bent? Straighten it.

Light bulb burnt? Replace it.

If you train yourself to fix the simple thing soon you’ll train your mind to spot more complex life changing issues.

“Anyone who genuinely sets out to help others, indirectly helps himself.’’

– John Maxwell

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