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A pioneer is someone who ventures into the unknown and unclaimed territories. Such people always open up new area and prepare the way. These are the people that will not settle for less than the best and keep expecting things to get better. The unknown has stopped a lot of people from stepping out of their comfort zone. There are three categories of people in this content;

[i]. museum keepers: they are  known for dusting memories of their past. They keep taking about the exploit of the old good days while nothing is working out now.

[ii]. Settlers: they are comfortable with the comfort zone. They don’t take risks, they settle on give up too soon based on available options.

[iii]. Pioneer: constantly pressing into NEW OPPORTUNITIES.

There are usually 2 option of notes for everyone. there is one that goes straight ahead and you can see what lies ahead, looking nice. It’s the Blessing Road. There is one that goes a different direction and you cant see what is ahead… And you say ”I am sure” 

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